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I want to thank you for the help you provided all of this year. With all the emails back and forth I felt at times I was bothersome, but you always responded happily and remained flexible with our hunt package. The hospitality from everyone on the ranch was second to none. Dinner time was a wonderful end to a day of hunting. It was great to see everyone come to dinner and talk about anything and everything. I enjoyed being included in the warm family environment at the ranch. It proved everything that I teach my children about hunting, that it’s not just about taking animals, but the experience with friends and family. With your help, all of the guides knowledge and assistance, and delicious cooking, it was truly an amazing experience, not only for me but for my daughter as well. I want to send a special thanks to Kelcie. Her knowledge along with her friendliness made for an excellent hunt. She was always able to put us where we needed to be, not only to be successful, but to see some amazing animals. Kelcie=Best Guide ever!

Thank you for everything, Eric and Kylie

Ashley/Kelcie, Just wanted to thank you, Barbara, Cass and the rest of the West Kerr crew for a couple of great hunts this past season. Mary was thrilled with the Blackbuck she harvested and I was thrilled with the 11 point Whitetail buck, my best ever that I harvested. As always, it was really enjoyable hanging out with all of you and checking out all of the interesting animals at your beautiful ranch. And, of course, the food was once again outstanding and extraordinarily filling. We look forward to hopefully hunting with you again in the future.

Best Regards, Mark Filer

Ashley, thanks again for an enjoyable trip. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into finding the black buck. I wasn't expecting to be between two of them at the same time. Also for letting us stay an extra day, the hardest part of the trip was having to leave good people & the pretty country. Looking forward to coming back. You guys do a great job. Greg should be sending you the pics of the black buck.
Thanks, Claud Jones

My stay at the West Kerr Ranch on October 23, 24, & 25 was a very enjoyable experience. You placed me in two areas where I saw lots of deer (a total of 26) of which 14 of the deer were bucks. Two of those bucks were really nice large racked bucks. I took two white tailed does and took video pictures of all the rest. The weather was just right and the equipment & tools at the skinning poles made the deer processing very easy.
I really enjoyed having the entire place to myself Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The alone time, the great scenery, the quietness, the wonderful lodge, and everything else about the camp area made it an unforgettable experience. I really, really enjoyed everything.
Hope the regular season brings you lots of hunters so that they can experience all the hunt camp amenities and the great hunting.
Mark Lusch

Ashley, I just want to personally thank you and Kelcie for donating the hunt, and you especially for your time in guiding her.
She had a wonderful time and, in addition to going home with a cooler full of venison, had an opportunity to get back into the woods and away from many of her concerns for a short time.
I hope the Spring turkey hunt works out for both of you.
Again, thank you,

Hello Ashley and Kelcie, I just received my Certificate, and, Gold Medal plaque, from the Records of Exotics, for my trophy aoudad that I got on my January deer hunt. I don't have words to adequately express my gratitude to both of you for your guidance, and, expertise, which enabled me to harvest such a magnificent ram, as well as, a fine whitetail buck! I have now been on six hunts at the West Kerr, three for trophy whitetails, and, three for exotic big game, all of which have been successful! On my previous hunts, I have harvested two trophy whitetails, a 10, and, 11-pointer, two big, beautiful axis bucks, and, a great mouflon ram. On every hunt, the quality, quantity, and, variety of wildlife that I've seen on your hunter's paradise is almost unbelievable! In addition to the fantastic hunting, the accommodations have always been first-class. Also, the other guides who I've had the pleasure to hunt with from time-to-time, like both of you, have been outstanding in every respect! Having hunted big game in a number of states, as well as, three Canadian provinces, and, based on my experiences, I can truthfully say, without reservation, that the West Kerr ranch is a "premier" hunting destination for anyone wanting that "wall-hanger" whitetail, or, trophy exotic! And, of utmost importance, you are dealing with good, honest people who will give a 200% effort to make your hunt enjoyable, and, successful! My heartfelt thanks to both of you for successful hunts, great trophies, and, most of all, a lifetime of memories! See you this spring!
Best Wishes,
Larry Elam Chattanooga, TN

Dear Ashley & Kelcie, The two of you have an outstanding hunting operation, and I am thankful that I was able to enjoy your ranch & facilities. Thank you for trying so hard to help me harvest the trophy aoudad that I wanted, even though I did not succeed in harvest a trophy ram, I had a great time. You are both a pleasure to be around, and I look forward to returning.
See You SOON!!
Your Friend, Roy Maddox
Katy, Texas

Hey Ash!! I had an awesome time at your ranch again! I felt like I got some valuable hunting experience too, and as inexperienced as I am, a little seems like a lot to me, haha. For one thing, I'll definitely make sure there are no Aoudad 20 yards away from me again next time I try to video some turkeys!
Thanks Again, Mike

June 30, 2006
Hey Ashley, and, Kelcie,
I want to tell both of you, once again, what a wonderful time I had on my axis hunt a couple of weeks ago! I am absolutely thrilled with my big, beautiful, "Gold Medal," buck!
This was my third axis hunt at the West Kerr. And, thanks to you two, I have harvested a trophy buck on each hunt. I have also been on three trophy whitetail hunts that have been equally successful.

Based on these experiences, I can truthfully say that the fantastic whitetail hunting can only be matched by the great hunting for axis deer. On this hunt, I saw 13-bucks in 3-days! In my opinion, 10 of these were trophy bucks with antlers "over" 30-inchs in length! With regard to seeing big bucks, I might add that this hunt was "not" an exception to my previous two axis hunts.
On each of those hunts, I saw a number of nice bucks as well. For those who want to hunt these beautiful, magnificent deer, and, harvest a true trophy buck, you "cannot go wrong" booking your axis hunt at the West Kerr!

Like all of my previous hunts, I saw a variety of game on this hunt as well. I saw serveral fine blackbuck antelope with excellent horns. I saw sika, and, fallow deer. I saw a group of aoudad sheep, one of which was a real good ram. In addition to the exotic game, I saw dozens of whitetails, and, serveral wild hogs. I guess 98% of the whitetails I saw were bucks with velvet covered antlers in various stages of development. I saw a number of bucks that already had main beams past their ears, and, multiple points. With a couple of more months to go before the antlers will be complete, these bucks should be real trophies when deer season opens!

I deeply appreciate all the effort that you two put forth to help me have another successful, memorable hunt! Thanks to both of you, all of my hunts at the West Kerr have been fun, enjoyable, and, in all respects, "first class" outdoor adventures! Looking forward to the next one!
Best Wishes,
Larry Elam
Chattanooga, TN

Dear Ashley, Kelcie, Brooklyn and Dee, Thank you for my first buck and the great memories that I experienced at the West Kerr Ranch! Once again, your ranch lived up to my expectations. I can not say enough about your operation. You all have a great sense of humor and are a joy to be around. I was fortunate enough to limit out on everything that my package offered by taking a nice 9-point buck, a nice 6-point Sika buck, an Axis doe, and a hog. I was also privileged to capture these fair chase hunts on film. Everyone that has seen my videos were envious. I plan on making subsequent trips to your ranch.
Thanks again,
Jeremy Luke
New Orleans, Louisiana

Ashley, I really enjoyed the trip this weekend. You have an beautiful ranch and do a awesome job with it. I know it gets tedious, as all jobs do, but ya'll are burning memories that last a lifetime into many people, including me (and this is from some guy on a doe hunt that wasn't "lucky".. hehe).
Keep the faith, I hope you are still there when my son is old enough to come on a youth hunt and plant the seed to last him a lifetime.
Speaking of faith, I would like to book the doe hunt on Feb 17 if you will accept singles. I am spreading the word around to see if I can bring some more people.
Mike W.

Ms. Ashley I just wanted to let you & your family know that I thank you so much for letting me come on the exotic hunt before whitetail season.
The West Kerr Ranch may not be heaven, but it shares the same address as Whitetail Heaven; that I have seen in my more than 40 years of hunting.
This is not a canned hunt. I am very impressed with your game management. I wish for you & your family; health, happiness, & success.
God Bless,
Michael Mason

Both Sean and Kellan (and the two accompanying dads) had a fantastic time. For three years now you have provided an awesome hunting experience for my son that I greatly appreciate. As you know, the exposure you provide for the junior hunters is invaluable for the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.
If everything works out, I plan on bringing my daughter, Vanessa, next year around Christmas time. I'll be in touch in late spring or early summer.
Have a fantastic New Year :)
Dave Valle

Ashley and Kelcie, I would like to thank you both for the wonderful experience on my October doe hunt. This was my first experience hunting a private ranch and I see no reason to look further. I arrived at the ranch to find the facilities far exceeded any expectation. With all the comforts of home it was hard to believe I was actually on a hunt. Each blind placed within 20 feet of trophy whitetail including the largest 11 point I’ve ever seen, unfortunately I was on a doe hunt. I would’ve never dreamed of viewing so many mature bucks in such a short time, proof that you management program works. I also had the pleasure of hearing the bugle of your 5X6 bull elk on my last evening hunt and seeing the monster in the company or his harem of cows. The ranch has a wonderful mix of whitetail, fallow, axis, sika, sheep, hogs and elk located in prime Texas hill country, everything any hunter could ask.
So again, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward seeing you both on my next experience at the West Kerr Ranch. Maybe I could make a visit to harvest that trophy axis Kelcie and I witnessed. (Houston, TX)

Thanks for doing a very good job on the doe/spike hunt 21,22,23 Oct . Both me (skip) and Rodney from Baytown had a super time. I ate deer steaks tonight from the grill. very good. We will be back. thank you all again.
Skip Hartleib
Baytown TX

Barbara, Ashley, & Kelcie,

Well once again, you gals cease to amaze me. Not only was the ranch, accommodations, and game all in superb order but ya'll put Jason on a great looking Fallow Buck & gave him the opportunity to harvest a Gold Glass exotic trophy. Anyone who has not experienced a hunt on your ranch is just plain missing out!
Thanks again for a great weekend and be expecting our reservations for next year.
Jerry, Sharon, & Jason Mazanec

Hi Ashley, Just want to thank to for a great weekend hunt. I am very happy with my Axis. I also want to thank Dee again for this had work in finding this buck, it was not easy. You have me hooked as a customer, I will be back next year for something. I just enjoy being around good people. So keep up the good work & hope to see you again soon. I'm sending you some pictures, hope to see them on the web site.
Again thank you & thank Dee for me I think he was getting worried about getting this buck
Thanks David

Ashley, I want to that you and Kelcie for the great time this weekend. I really enjoyed the hunt, and bagging the Aoudad ram. You and Kelcie were great host and guides. I look forwad to the next trip we make to your ranch. I plan to schedule a trip for my son and a few of my customers. Again, thanks for the good time.
Rusty Minchew

Ashley, We had a great time! This is a real hunt & not for the faint at heart.
Thanks Andy

I wanted to say “Thank You” to the Staff at the West Kerr Ranch !! The hard work, friendliness and management practices being utilized all contributed to a Great Hill Country Hunt !!!
I have been an avid Whitetail hunter for 40 years and have hunted whitetails just about wherever they are located north, south, east and west. Some have been good and some awful !! I must say that my hunt at the West Kerr was exceptional !!! Having hunted the Hill Country back in the mid-1970s with very little success except for getting deer, not trophies, it was very evident that the West Kerr management program was outstanding and working !! The Buck to doe ratio was practically perfect, the quality of trophies exceptional, and the guides some of the best, honest and most fun !!! I saw numerous mature whitetails throughout my hunt !! In addition to the whitetails I saw plenty of game of all species, probably more than most in camp and several were true trophy caliber (Sika, Fallow, Blackbuck, Turkey and Mouflon) !!
The West Kerr is a hunters paradise: accommodations at the ranch are great, opportunities to take the trophy you are seeking, with the addition of very knowledgeable, hard working and friendly guides !!! This was truly an exceptional hunting operation that no true hunter could be disappointed in !!
Ashley I want to personally thank you in helping me to take the best buck I have ever taken in the Hill Country of Texas !!
Kelcie thank you for your professional expertise in taxidermy for the care of my trophy to ensure it was properly cared for and preserved !!
This was my first hunt at the West Kerr (it will not be my last !) it was one of the most fun and enjoyable hunts I have been on. I am already making plans to return !!!!!!!! Thank You West Kerr Ranch Staff !!
Thanks again for a wonderful hunt !!!
Ernie Crane

Dear Ashley, Thank you for the kick ass time that we had over the last couple of days at the West Kerr Ranch. We can’t stop talking about our individual experiences at your ranch. You were very patient and were full of instruction for the inexperienced members of our group. We learned a lot about Texas hunting and exotics as well. You put us on the animals that we were after even though some of us couldn’t close the deal. The hunting was hard but rewarding after we all eventually got on the board with kills. Even if we had not gotten anything, it would have been money well spent since your Hill Country Ranch was as beautiful as the animals roaming the ranch and the guides showing us the way. You are truly blessed. We all intend to make subsequent trips to your ranch in search of the elusive game on your property. Thank you for the memorable experience.
Sincerely, Jeremy Luke, Michael DeBlanc, & Rick Gebbia
New Orleans, Louisiana

Hey Ashley! I wanted to thank you again for being such an awesome guide. You are absolutely my favorite hunting guide in the world. I really had a lot of fun! It was very exciting for me, especially since I've only been deer hunting about 4 or 5 times before that. Anyway, take care, and I hope to make it out there again in the future for another hunt!
Thanks again for everything!
Mike DeBlanc

Hey Ashley, I just wanted to tell you, once again, how much I appreciate you guiding me on my trophy whitetail hunt in December! Thanks to you, I harvested a beautiful 10-pointer, had a great time, and, another memorable hunt! Like my previous trophy whitetail hunt, the only "problem" I had was deciding "when" to pull the trigger, and, "which" big buck to take! Based on my deer hunting experiences at the West Kerr, you never know "how big" the next big buck you see is going to be. So, this makes for some tough decisions on when to "pass up," and, when "to shoot!" Believe me, these are the kind of "problems" that all deer hunters would "like to have!" As you know, this was my fourth hunt in barely over a year's time. On my first trophy whitetail hunt, in December '03, after passing up a number of nice bucks, I harvested a big 11-pointer which is one of the best bucks I've taken in over three decades of deer hunting. I came back again in March, on a "Ram Stalk," and, got a fine mouflon ram. In June, I was back again on an "Axis Stalk," and, harvested a great axis buck. Now, I have another "wall-hanger" whitetail to go along with my other trophies. On each of these hunts, the amount of game I saw, and, the quality of the animals, was almost unbelievable! This year's whitetail hunt was no exception. I saw trophy size axis bucks, fallow bucks, aoudad rams, and, blackbuck antelope, from the different stands I hunted. In my opinion, whether your after a trophy whitetail, or, a trophy exotic, and, want to experience some of the finest hunting that the legendary Texas "Hill Country" has to offer, you can't go wrong booking a hunt at the West Kerr Ranch! Ashley, thanks for another great hunt, and, a fine buck!
Best Regards, Larry Elam Chattanooga, TN

I wanted to say thanks for allowing mike and I to hunt with you last weekend. We both had a great time and look forward to a return visit. Dee and your sister treated us well and were fun to be around. I hope to get a larger group of friends together to return for another weekend of fun. Thanks again and I will stay in touch.

Thank you for providing a great opportunity for me. It was a very enjoyable experience. Thank you very much. Hopefully, I will be able to shoot a deer in Texas someday. It looks like my sister may be coming to hunt with you next year.
Sean V. (California)

I've been hunting the West Kerr Ranch since 1996. I can't say enough about the ranch. It has improved so much over the years. It's located in what we call " The Texas Hill Country". It's one of the prettiest ranches you will ever be on. The whitetail and axis deer are exceptional. I have been fortunate to take both species numerous times. I've always had a great time, whether I killed something or not. Some times I'm a little particular on what I'm looking for. I have been hunting axis deer around the state for about 6 or 7 years now and the best buck I have to date came off the West Kerr 2 years ago. I also took the best whitetail I have ever killed off of the West Kerr. You will not be disappointed in the amount of game you will see and or the quality. I don't know if you have ever hunted axis deer before, but in my opinion, they are a little tuffer to hunt than the whitetail deer. They seemed to be a little more alert and cautious. Not only are they an outstanding trophy , but they are very good table fare.
Barbara , who is the owner of the ranch, and her girls, who do the guiding, are some of the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. The girls, Kelcie and Ashley, do an outstanding job on trying to locate the game you are seeking. They are the two hardest, not to mention the prettiest working guides I have ever had and I think you will agree with me after your hunt. The accommodations at the ranch are unbeatable and the peace and quiet you will experience is unforgettable.
Thanks for the Great Hunting West Kerr ranch
Mike (Texas)

Ashley   Kelcie, I Just wanted to say that my family, Kirk, Jean, Hannah, had a wonderful time at the ranch. The weather was great, the flowers were still in bloom, & most importantly the trophy axis buck was awesome!! The West Kerr Ranch afforded me the hunt of a lifetime! We look forward to visiting the ranch again soon.
Best Regards,
Kirk V. (Texas)

I have been hunting for the better part of 35 years of my life and have taken a few trophy whitetail from Wisconsin and Georgia. Many times, I had heard and dreamed about a Texas hunt, but it wasn't until I started searching the web that the dream turned into reality.
During my web search of about ten ranches, the West Kerr Ranch kept coming out heads and shoulders above the rest. After various correspondences with the West Kerr staff, our five day spring hunt was booked. My brother and a good buddy who were driving from Wisconsin, and me driving from Atlanta Georgia, rendezvoused in Kerrville Texas. From there, we drove the 40 to 50 miles to the West Kerr ranch to be greeted and settled in. Our spring hunt for Aoudad, Axis deer and all the hogs we see was on.

The West Kerr is a 10,000 to 11,000 acre ranch located in the hill country of Texas, with the most beautiful terrain I didn't know existed in Texas. Our hunt was everything we had anticipated...and more. The facilities and accommodations were outstanding, while the staff guided us on our preferred style of hunting.

Each of us at least saw everything we were hunting. My buddy was able to bag his trophy Aoudad, which scored gold with 60 inches of horn, and a trophy Axis buck that scored silver. My hunt began with a early first morning hog kill, and after stalking and passing up 3 or 4 nice Axis bucks, bagged a gold Axis trophy. Because I wanted a full cape to be tanned into a rug, I successfully stalked and bagged a beautiful axis doe on the last day of the hunt. I did get to see a herd of about 15 Aoudad, but was not able to get a shot. My brother shot at and missed his bad.

For those whitetail hunters, the only aggravating part of the hunt was having to maneuver around all the trophy velvet whitetail bucks while stalking for the Aoudad and Axis.

This was my first Texas hunt, but will not be my last. Thank You West Kerr Ranch staff. Sincerely,
Jeff Anderson

I have been an avid deer hunter for 32-years. I have hunting leases in my home state of Tennessee, as well as, the neighboring state of Georgia. Over the years, and, in addition to hunting here at home, I have been on a number of whitetail hunts to other states. Most of these hunts took place at "commercial" hunting operations, which, for various reasons, did not live up to my expectations, or, "their" advertisements. Based on these past "experiences," I must admit to being apprehensive when I booked my December (2003) trophy whitetail hunt at the West Kerr, especially since my hunt was the last one for the season. After talking to the hunters whose names Ashley had sent me for reference, and, countless "reviews" of the trophy whitetail pictures on the website, hunting at the West Kerr seemed "to good to be true!" Nevertheless, I booked the trophy package, and, even added an extra day to make a 4-day hunt.

I can say, without any reservation, my hunt at the West Kerr was the best whitetail hunt that I have ever been on! The beautiful 11-point buck I harvested, on the last morning of my hunt, is one of the best bucks I've taken in three decades of deer hunting! In 4-days, I saw a total of 27 different bucks, 12 of which had 8, or, more, points! Incredible! Judging by the stands I hunted, your superb management practices have produced an exceptional buck-to-doe ratio! During my hunt, I averaged seeing just 3, or, 4 does a day! In addition to the whitetails, I saw a number of axis deer, including several bucks. The West Kerr Ranch is truly a deer hunter's paradise! Kelcie, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for a great hunt! Your guidance made it all come together, with the end result being a beautiful trophy buck for which I will be forever grateful! I am already looking forward to this year's hunt! Please feel free to use my name as a reference. It will be my pleasure to tell others about the great hunting at the West Kerr Ranch!
Best Wishes,
Larry Elam
Chattanooga, Tennessee

June 12, 2004
Ashley, Kelcie & Dee
Thanks for Another Great Hunt, And, A Beautiful Trophy!!

Dear West Kerr Ranch, This is a thank you from the hunting group from Cocoa, Florida of Larry, Larry, Jr., Ricky and Eddie. We extend our gratitude to you and your staff at West Kerr Ranch for a fantastic time. You certainly held true to your word about having a successful hunt. I believe you told us that if we didn't have 100% success on our hunt, then we must have either been asleep or we just couldn't shoot. We contribute our success to the great staff at the West Kerr Ranch. We brought home twelve whitetail deer, four of which are real nice trophies, two Sika's and two beautiful Rio Grande turkeys. We could not have asked for a more successful hunt or any greater staff. We are now in the middle of planning to get together again in 2005. This time we have a few more people interested in coming along. After showing our pictures and videos of our hunt at the West Kerr Ranch, the other guys were ready to leave right away. They were amazed at the variety of wild life and the beauty of the countryside. Our hunt in November 2003 was everything we hoped it would be and more. The accommodations were excellent, the facilities were great and the home cooked meals were outstanding. A special thanks goes out to Hilda for the great meals. My son, Larry, Jr. especially thanks you for all the extra hash browns. I promise next time I'll have him bring along some extra potatoes.

Ashley, we would especially like to thank you for helping our good friend Eddie in getting around. You certainly made his hunt special! The only complaint we have is that you let him get the FIRST buck as well as the BIGGEST buck of our group. We still have not heard the end of it! He sure holds the biggest bragging rights!

We are looking forward to booking another hunt at West Kerr Ranch. It would be our pleasure to tell others about our fantastic hunt at The West Kerr Ranch located in the foothills of Texas. Please feel free to use our names as a reference.
We wish ya'll the best and hope to see you soon!!
Larry Brock, Eddie Ballew, Larry Brock Jr. and Ricky Mueller (Florida)

Kelcie, As busy as we have been here at work I feel compelled to take the time to write you this note of gratitude. I just received my whitetail trophy that you mounted, and I must tell you that it is awesome. You have done an outstanding job of preserving the integrity of what the animal looked like the day I bagged him. He is quite an addition to my trophy room. I am looking forward to my next trip to the West Kerr not only for the opportunity at another trophy, but the complete package of the before, during, and after of the hunt. Please send my regards to your family.
Eddie Bueno

Gals, As always, our 4th year to hunt the West Kerr Ranch was a spectacular experience. Ashley, Kelcie, Michelle, and Barbara always make us feel like their ranch is "our ranch". Jason our son who is always the main hunter, has limited mobility. But with very little outside assistance, the blinds and camp facilities are very accessible for him. I encourage everyone, especially anyone with limited mobility's, to contact the West Kerr Ranch for your next hunt. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!
Jerry, Sharon, & Jason Mazanec and Brandy Mynar (Texas)


Hey Ya'll, I just wanted to say that the Youth Hunt was awesome! It was defiantly the highlight of my year. Thank you so much again for this opportunity, I had a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to the next chance I get to come up there! Maybe this summer I'll save up for an Axis Hunt or something! Thanks again!
-Kyle Tomek

Ashley: Sean and I had a great time on the doe hunt a couple of weeks ago (although we didn't bring home some carne). I appreciated your hospitality, your honesty and your words of encouragement for my son.
You have a quality management operation on a prime piece of property.

Not knowing what to expect when this hunt was booked, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. The West Kerr Ranch has some of the finest and most unique hunting country that I have ever seen. We were provided an extremely courteous and knowledgeable staff, top quality living quarters with all of the comforts of home. Throw in several different species of game and you have the makings of an unforgettable hunt. A hunt on this ranch is most definitely a “Fair Chase” hunt, with the animals having plenty of cover to give you the slip. My particular hunt was a very challenging Aoudad Stalk Hunt, which required a lot of walking, tracking, glassing, and general hard work. With a little skill and a lot of luck, I have an awesome Ram to show for it. We will definitely be back.
Kelcie…Thanks for everything.
Chris Ballard
Carlsbad, NM